How to Track Macros (and Vitamins/Minerals) for Weight Loss

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For 6 months eating low-carb on the keto diet, I counted every calorie/macro nutrient to help me lose weight. But more important than weight loss was learning about how nutrition affects my body.

That’s why I created a spreadsheet that tracks macros, vitamins, minerals plus other important health factors such as body weight, blood sugar, ketone level, heart rate and distanced walked.

I want a complete picture of my wellness, and this food and health tracker spreadsheet gives me exactly that with all the numbers at a glance.


  • How else can you learn how nutrition affects YOU?
  • Book nutrition doesn’t account for genetic differences
  • Book nutrition is based on shaky science
  • Certain macro-composition may make you feel great
  • Compare blood sugar response to foods/meals
  • Accountability: “What gets measured, gets managed”
  • Ability to Estimate – if you don’t track, you’ll misjudge
  • Long-term trends best indicator, but require short-term data points to average
  • Past eating log of nutrition to reference if you want to repeat a day, or share with others
  • Micronutrients – It’s not just about fat/protein/carbs, vitamins and minerals are important and hard to track
  • Fat Composition – Omega-3 vs. Omega-6, mono/poly/sat
  • Net carbs are probably the most important metric for keto & low-carb diets


  • Can be tedious, that’s why I created easy-to-use spreadsheet
  • Obsessive Personality = Driving yourself crazy to reach goals
  • You will not track forever (or at least you shouldn’t IMO)
  • Habits are most important factor to long-term success
  • Less Social – some completely neglect eating with others to reach macros (be careful because it’s easy to make excuses for why you “need” to eat carbs, there’s a MILLION distractions on the road to weight loss and better health).
  • There are other ways to track or find accountability – eating journal or log, pictures of your meals, Instagram, Facebook

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By following Healthy Diet Plans you can stick to them and you will live a more productive healthier life. Every system, including your immune system, requires a source of energy from nutrition. You can also add cranberries or walnuts to your salad.

How to Track Macros (and Vitamins/Minerals) for Weight Loss

Brawl Nutrition – Fuel For Fighters!

When you’re looking for a good weight loss program you want the food you eat to taste good. Nutritional diet plans: The best way to lose weight is going on a healthy diet. Fruits make you live longer because they contain vitamin A to Z.

When exercising, you will need to make sure that you have the right diet. Nutrition when exercising in the gym is extremely important for many reasons. This involves choosing the right foods and drinks and getting the portion sizes just right. Here are some of the ways that you will benefit by focusing on your diet.

The first key to a weight loss plan is what to eat? There are many weight loss plans out there so I am going to give you some key ingredients to look for so you know you’re getting a good plan. When you’re looking for a good weight loss program you want the food you eat to taste good. I know this goes without saying but I’ve come across some programs where the food you ate really did taste horrible. For a nutrition plan go work, a plan you can stick with, you want to be able to enjoy the food your making. Anything less is a recipe for failure.

You know the saying, “What gets measured gets done.” Well it’s the same with your diet or weight loss program. If you don’t objectively and periodically measure your progress, you’re setting yourself up for major disappointment at the end of your diet or weight loss program. It is better if you know upfront and early on if you’re falling behind so that you can make the necessary adjustments and reap the desired goal/result.

According to the healthy diet menu, your bedtime snack should be complex carbohydrate-rich and you can achieve it when you eat 6 whole grain crackers, 2 ounces of sliced cheese and a piece of fresh fruit. Also, you need to make sure that your last meal of the day should be two to three hours before sleeping. This way, your body will not burn a lot of calories when you are sleeping.

A lot of people who embark on a weight loss program try to do it alone. A good support group should be used as an advantage for motivation and encouragement if you let them in on your weight loss goals. By knowing your goals they will not give you fattening foods that they normally would.

The first thing that you should do is to choose first the right weight loss pill. Then, the next step will be to find an authorized dealer of the said product that you have chosen. Also, if you are sure that the product is authentic, then you have to find the most affordable. Doing it online is most comfortable, so you can opt to do it.

Have you ever experienced a weight loss plateau? Were you able to break through? If so, what did you do? If not, did this article give you a better idea as to why? I’d love to hear from you at my blog, Muscle For Life!

There are many reasons people do not follow healthy diets. More complex might mean sports gels or bars with caffeine, protein, or amino acids. It’s important to focus on each one of these and try to develop each of them.

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