Why Your Fat Determines Your Vitamin D

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Your fat cells actually determine your vitamin D levels. Here’s why. 

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Vitamin D and Weight Loss:

0:23 Body fat and vitamin D
0:45 Why do your vitamin D levels go up when you lose weight?
0:54 The relationship between body fat and vitamin D
1:07 Insulin and insulin resistance
2:31 Vitamin D and insulin
3:23 The summary 

I recently did a video on why vitamin D can help you lose weight. Today, we’re going to talk about the reverse of that. This is a complex subject, but I’m going to try to make it really simple. 

Basically, we’re talking about how much fat you have on your body, and you’re vitamin D levels.

There are two things you need to know:

  1. The fatter you are, the less vitamin D you’re going to have.

  2. When you lose weight, you increase your vitamin D level. 

Why do your vitamin D levels go up when you lose weight?
There is a relationship between body fat and vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D can increase weight. But, the missing piece of the puzzle is insulin and insulin resistance. 

Insulin resistance causes your body to store fat and prevents fat burning. It’s also behind type 2 diabetes. Insulin causes pre-fat cells to turn into fat. Insulin and insulin resistance increase fat. The more fat you have, the more insulin and insulin resistance you’re going to have.  

When you take vitamin D, you actually lower insulin and improve insulin resistance. This is why it’s so essential for people who have prediabetes, diabetes, or insulin resistance to take vitamin D.

The reason why your fat cells determine your vitamin D levels really has to do with this: 
• The more fat you have, the more insulin you have. The more insulin you have, the more insulin resistance you have.
• When you lose weight, and you have less weight on your body, you’re going to have less insulin, less insulin resistance, and more vitamin D.

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I hope this video helps you better understand why your fat determines your vitamin D. Thanks for watching!

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Why Your Fat Determines Your Vitamin D

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