What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water

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What are the benefits of drinking lemon water? We at Bright Side are big fans of this little yellow fruit — so unassuming, yet with so many unexpected uses. Not long ago we reported on what happened when we drank water with warm honey and lemon every day for a year — and the results were fascinating. As if you needed any more convincing that starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon was the way to go, we have compiled this ultimate list of health and beauty benefits that can be derived from lemon water.

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It improves your digestive health 0:40
It keeps the right balance of minerals in your body 1:06
Lemon water improves your eyesight 1:39
It makes your skin soft 2:05
Lemons are your liver’s best friend 2:36
Lemons are rich in potassium 3:00
A lemon a day keeps the doctor away 3:25
It’s an inflammation buster 3:45
It maintains pH perfection 4:13
It boosts your metabolism 4:41
You’ll step away from the coffee 5:00

– Lemons are a primary source of pectin fiber which is necessary for good colon health.
– Drinking water alone will rehydrate you, but if you add a few slices of lemon, it will speed up the process of rebalancing the minerals in your body.
– As a citrus fruit, lemons are packed full of Vitamin C and antioxidants which work together to form a protective effect against cataracts and macular degeneration.
– Lemons contain powerful antioxidants so that you will notice a decrease in blemishes and wrinkles, and smoother, healthier-looking skin as a result of its detoxifying benefits.
– Drinking lemon water can help your liver function at a tip-top level.
– Drinking lemon water will help to ensure optimal heart, brain, kidney, and muscular function.
– Those who drink lemon water every day tend to experience fewer colds.
– Lemon water decreases your body’s acidity levels, which in turn assists your body in removing harmful uric acid which might cause inflammation.
– Lemons are acidic by nature, but you might be surprised to learn that once absorbed into the bloodstream lemon water has an alkalizing effect on the body tissue.
– If you want to lose weight naturally and change your diet and lifestyle, lemon water is the perfect accompaniment.
– If you replace your morning coffee with a cup of warm lemon water for just two weeks, you will feel so alert, refreshed, and healthy that you won’t ever go back to caffeine.

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What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water

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