The Top Healthy Fats I Stock in My Kitchen – Part I

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Hey guys! Joy here 🙂 In this video I share with you the importance of healthy fats and my favourite plant-based fats.

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A bit about me: I’m a Holistic Nutritionist, mama, Founder of Joyous Health ( and two-time bestselling author of Joyous Health and Joyous Detox.

Olives: I love both sicilian and greek olives!
Olive oil:
Avocado Oil:
Hemp hearts:
Almond Butter:

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How To Build Lean Muscle Mass – Most Effective Workouts & Nutrition

To eat a healthy diet, you’ll need fresh foods. Because the truth is even if you’re just trying to lose 5lbs, the road to weight loss is anything but easy. Only then will one be able to know that they have complete nutrition.

The Top Healthy Fats I Stock in My Kitchen - Part I

What Should I Feed My Dog? The Proper Nutrition

When you are hungry, you are likely to snack on carbs and fats, which will do you no good. This is a diet that said to help you lose weight through the ingestion of the unsweetened grapefruit juice. It will also run more efficiently and effectively.

Some weight loss food programs are better for you than others are. Some companies are masters at marketing while limiting the actual quality of the foods they put into those pretty boxes. Others give you nothing but nutrition but it tastes so bad that you cannot enjoy it. When it comes to finding meals that are right for you, both your goal to lose the pounds and your desire to eat something good, it is important to look at the nutrition included in each meal. Is this the best possible product for you?

This type of nutrition is exactly the same quality and has the same ingredients as the full price nutritional products. The only difference is in the savings. The savings can be up to fifty percent of the regular cost of other full price sport nutrition products.

You know the saying, “What gets measured gets done.” Well it’s the same with your diet or weight loss program. If you don’t objectively and periodically measure your progress, you’re setting yourself up for major disappointment at the end of your diet or weight loss program. It is better if you know upfront and early on if you’re falling behind so that you can make the necessary adjustments and reap the desired goal/result.

Physical activity: You cannot lose weight and remain healthy without exercising. The amount of physical activity you do should start out small and gradually increase as you build up endurance. Exercise and a proper meal plan are the keys to success for a healthy diet.

In order to maximize your efforts and reach a goal, identify specific and quantifiable actions. Stating your intention of merely improving this week is not a measurable goal. Log the time dedicated to weekly exercise. Count the number of repetition of given exercises each day. Record the foods you each at each meal. These are quantifiable.

Avoid intimidating yourself with goals that are out of reach. Small incremental changes developed on the foundation of purposeful reasons are more effective than lofty goals that remained dreams.

Doing regular exercises is another great way of permanent weight loss. There are a number of exercises that you can do to attain weight loss. The main challenge that most people face is that of maintaining the desired body weight once they achieve it. Most people who have lost weight have attested to gain it back. This is the main challenge. In order to maintain this weight you need to do regular exercises. This is what will see any excess fats in the body shed hence retaining your desired weight. Physical activities are vital in burning calories hence lower your weight. Take part in exercises that will raise your metabolic rate.

You need a healthy, balanced diet where losing weight is done gradually while still maintaining body nutrition. There are multiple factors involved in healthy weight loss and healthy weight regain.

Pregnancy, Home and FamilyThe Top Healthy Fats I Stock in My Kitchen – Part I.

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