Fat Lipid Digestion And Absorption – How Are Fats Lipids Digested And Absorbed

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In this video we discuss how fats are digested and absorbed in the body. We look at how the body breaks down fats into smaller masses and then how the body absorbs them in the small intestine.


Fat digestion

The main types of fats we get from food are triglycerides so, in this video we are going to go through a very basic look at how our bodies digest and absorb these molecules.

A triglyceride consists of a glycerol unit and 3 fatty acid chains. Triglyceride molecules are non-polar molecules, meaning they don’t mix with water, so they are hydrophobic or water fearing so to speak.

When we eat some fat molecules, an enzyme called lingual lipase is released in saliva in the mouth. However, this enzyme is not actually activated in the mouth. Next the fat molecules and the saliva with the lingual lipase enzymes is swallowed and enters the stomach.

The highly acidic environment of the stomach activates the lingual lipase enzymes, which are also joined by gastric lipase, which are enzymes released by chief cells in the stomach. These enzymes begin the digestion of the fat molecules, by breaking some of them into a diglyceride and a fatty acid. These lipases act on about 30% of the triglycerides.

Next the fat molecules enter the small intestine from the stomach. Because the fat molecules are hydrophobic or water fearing, they enter into the small intestine as large fat or lipid masses, so the body must first breakdown the larger masses into smaller droplets, which is called emulsification.

They are broken down into smaller segments by bile salts and phospholipids, which are part of bile that is released by the gallbladder into the small intestine. Bile salts and phospholipids have a hydrophilic water loving region and a hydrophobic water fearing region.

So, the hydrophobic water fearing region of the bile salts position themselves around the hydrophobic water fearing fat, as you can see here forming what is called emulsion droplets.

Now, pancreatic lipase, which is an enzyme released from the pancreas into the small intestine has greater access to the fat and can digest or break them down into mainly monoglycerides and free fatty acids. These then associate with bile salts and phospholipids to form micelles, which are much smaller than emulsion droplets.

Basically the micelles transport the monoglycerides and fatty acids to the membranes of the enterocyte cells of the small intestine, where they diffuse, or are absorbed across the cell membrane into the cell.

Once inside the enterocyte cell, the fatty acids are reattached with the monoglycerides to re-form triglycerides. The triglycerides, along with other lipids are then sort of wrapped with protein to form a lipoprotein called a chylomicron.

On the other side of the enterocyte cells, these chylomicrons are too large to enter into blood capillary walls, so they enter into lacteals which are lymph capillaries.

The chylomicrons are then transported through lymphatic vessels and eventually enter blood where they are delivered to the liver, fat tissue, muscle tissue and to other tissues as well where they can be stored, or used by cells.

Why We Don’t Get Proper Nutrition And How To Change That

If you are trying to lose weight or get in better shape, this article can help you out. Maybe you’ve become very forgetful or you have a sense of blurry thoughts, which is better known as brain fog. Salmon is also another quality food that can help.

Fat Lipid Digestion And Absorption - How Are Fats Lipids Digested And Absorbed

Effective Nutrition – The Key To Weight Loss

The proper amount of nutrition can be responsible for maintaining a healthy development in the unborn child. The biggest benefit from tomatoes is their high concentration of lycopene. Moderation is one of the primary keys to nutrition.

Good nutrition is no secret, you just need to know the facts. The following article lays out the facts clearly and succinctly so that you can incorporate good nutrition into your daily life immediately. You will see that good nutrition leads to a healthier body with more energy and a stronger immune system.

nutrition for pregnant and lactating women is a top priority. Protein is one of the top nutrition needs for pregnant women. A smoothie prepared with egg whites is an excellent way to get protein even when you’re feeling ill. Pregnant women should consider eggs as an excellent source of protein and a way to get a healthy meal with low calories and no fat. Use pasteurized eggs to avoid any possibility of salmonella.

One must avoid the intake of both fat and sugar in their diet. This can be accomplished by keeping oneself away from consuming soft drinks. Also one must avoid eating at a fast food, since it may increase your fat and sodium content greatly.lessen or eliminate soda consumption, as it may help greatly in one’s weight loss program. Add chili pepper sauce to your food habit, since they increase your metabolism rate to give you more energy while at the same time helping you to get rid of more calories. Also include whole grains in your food diet. They have lot of good things in them which will help you to lose a few pounds.

Whether homemade or dry the diet must contain the right quantities of protein, fats and carbohydrate. All the food nutrients must also be in the right quantities. If not, the dog’s development will be affected and the health jeopardized. To attain a healthy diet for your pet therefore, the under mentioned are what you must do.

Let’s say, for example, that your doctor has told you you are at risk for diabetes as a result of extra weight. So, your doctor may put you on the “diabetes diet” to help you lose that weight. It’s a little difficult at first to follow a diet in order to lose weight — and in fact it can be really, really easy to do things wrong. For example, maybe you think just one little bag of potato chips won’t hurt, or that you can have just one treat. Or, maybe you think that what should be a half a cup of rice is a little too small, so you increase it to a cup.

Substitute your regular choice of meat, for fish, at least twice a week for a healthier diet. The omega-3 acids in fish help to maintain blood and brain health. Avoid tuna, however, because it contains a great deal of mercury.

These tips are meant to improve your lifestyle. We hope you’re more knowledgeable about nutrition as a result and if you didn’t know very much before now you have a working understanding that will surely benefit you as you strive for success.

There are no magic pills, no miracle drinks, or effective short cuts to losing unwanted pounds. However, if you have ever tried to lose weight, you would know how difficult it is to lose even a pound.

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